Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Create a Feature-Rich Training Registration Form

Organizing a training program requires a lot of groundwork. A number of elements need to be considered to make the session successful, both in terms of attendance and effectiveness. First things first, you need to come up with a really functional training registration form which should be capable of attracting maximum number of people online thereby making them sign up for the training program. Following are some of the things that you can apply to make your online form truly feature-rich:

Tactful customization

Creating training registration forms with the help of the online training registration software does not take more than 20 minutes. You can do all the customization within this short span of time using pre-built templates. Add your organization's logo and tagline, and any other graphics or additional content that you think is relevant to the training sessions to be held. This kind of personalization of the form will reinforce a sense of security in the minds of the page visitors and help them take positive decisions regarding processing with their registrations.

Easy navigability of the online training registration form

Managing registration becomes completely hassle-free when the services of a training registration solution are availed. Similarly, when you make your forms available over the internet to be accessed 24/7, do keep it simple in terms of navigation so that your registrants also get to experience a smooth registration system. Though easy navigability comes as a default attribute with the training management software, you should also ensure that you are not complicating the process for them while customizing the form. Place the links of the relevant pages tactfully and guide them smoothly to the online payment sites where they can make the payment for the course fees.

Smart add-ons for a training registration form

A graphical image is said to convey a message more effectively than a thousand words. So, append your online registration form with the highly effective online calendars to enable your registrants to view the training schedules and other important dates easily from their desktops. An online calendar acts as a perfect reminder for any event, course, or a training program, and helps to minimize no-shows due to lack of relevant updates and other undesired miscommunication between the organizer and the registrants.

You can either create a standalone calendar using the online calendaring tool that is available with the training registration system and give its link of the form; or, directly tag it along with the registration page in such a way that a single click on the thumbnail leads to the entire calendar.

Same thing can be done with online catalogs and other plug-ins. An online catalog is a promotional tool which contains all the details of the training program- the schedule, the session durations, the topics to be covered in each session, the speakers, and so on. Use this feature with your online form in a wise way for further value additions.

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